PCA 2015 - photo by Lucy Chan

Cadeau Luck of the Draw 
(GCH Donnchada Sweet Talk, CGC x CH. By Request Donnchada Jacqueline)

DOB 4/25/14
     Clover is one of those special animals that found her way into my heart as an infant. I fell in love with her expression, temperament, intelligence, and structure. She was one of those rare, easy pups, who never tore anything up, and "got" housebreaking almost from the start. Clover lives to please me. If she senses the slightest irritability in my tone - be it on the phone or in person - she will get a concerned look, and come check on me. She is soft natured, ultra sensitive, and beyond intuitive. She fills the room and demands to be noticed. She ALWAYS has a toy in her mouth, and she when she's really happy, she will bark at you with it in her mouth. We refer to this as the "Clover trill." She's my heart, which is why she is still with me. At 3 years of age, Clover was diagnosed with <strong>idiopathic epilepsy</strong>.  I wracked my brain to find the culprit - was I diffusing something? Was she reacting to a flea or heart worm med? a household item? a plant? I reached for ANYTHING to make her ok, but as time went on, I had to accept the awful reality that she was a sick bitch - out of the show ring and my breeding program. As a breeder, I occasionally face these misfortunes. I can't predict them. How I wish I could. Clover is such a wonderful animal. Her parents and littermates are healthy. I will never know why she is sick, but I can't in good conscience continue to show and one day breed an animal that has seizures, however infrequently. Clover has 2-3 seizures / year. It is not enough to require daily medication, but it is enough to greatly upset every one of us when they occur. The irony is that she was named "Luck of the Draw" before she ever was diagnosed, because I do believe that even when you play the odds in your favor, there are many items left to fate, and it can truly boil down to being the luck of the draw. She is my heart and will stay with me for the long haul. Clover's gift to the breed is her shining temperament and her love of the celebrity status often associated with standard poodles. She ADORES everyone, and actually welcomes children to hug and climb on her. She is often with me, dyed in various colors and taking advantage of photo ops. She's wonderful, and has helped to change many negative opinions about the breed. <3 
Clover will participate in a canine epilepsy study. I encourage all owners of perfectly imperfect poodles to assist in this. It is one small way that we can safeguard the breed. Knowledge is power, and we can be part of the solution by assisting scientists and researchers to find a way for us to identify these gene markers within the DNA of the animals and breed away from everything that afflicts our precious poodle friends. Additionally, donations to the Poodle Club of America Foundation are often used to fund health research of our beloved breed.

Cadeau Luck of the Draw

"Clover" (wh)

GCH. Donnchada Sweet Talk


"Armani" (White)

Dassin Love Sensation

CH. King's Champagne Taste

photo credit - Donnchada Poodles

CH. Brighton Morning Glory

MBIS, BISS CH. Donnchada Sweet Dreams

Patsy - photo by Victoria Holloway

CH. Breitling By Request (wh)

"Gator" - photo credit By Request Poodles

CH. Lake Cove Of Course

CH. Blissful By Request (wh)

Cayenne Crown Victoria

CH. King's Champagne Taste

"Andy" Top Producing non-sporting dog in AKC history

Cayenne Breakfast at Tiffani

CH. Aleph American Idol

Simon - Photo credit Charlotte Sandell

CH. Filagree Flashback

Filagree Fallen Angel, NAJ, OA

CH. King's Champagne Taste

photo credit - Donnchada Poodles

Aleph Jesse's Girl

CH. By Request Donnchada Danielle

Dani - Photo credit Donnchada & ByRequest Poodles

CH. Feel Good Inc. By Request TP

Zander - Best Stud Dog PCA 2008 - Photo Credit By Request Poodles

CH. Dassin Dancelot

CH. Brighton Charisma

Photo Credit - By Request Poodles

CH. Breitling By Request (wh)

"Gator" - photo credit By Request Poodles